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Locksmith Key Shop Raleigh, NC 919-830-4226In the old days, fire exits were an unheard of concept. If a public building caught fire, the people inside had to escape through doors and windows. During the 20th century, fire exits became common as governments began to make it mandatory for buildings to have them. The push bar is an invention that allows for emergency exit doors to be opened with just a little push. It is illegal to have locks installed on emergency exits these days, but push bars are allowed. Locksmith Key Shop can install one for your commercial property or residence if you’re living in the Raleigh, NC area at an affordable price.

How do push bars work?

A push bar is a spring-loaded mechanism that can be made to work with pressure. When you put pressure on a door with a push bar attached, the door will open immediately. However, this door cannot be opened from the other side – it only responds to pressure from the inside.

During emergency situations, it is easy to open doors with the mechanism installed. When there is a dangerous situation like a fire or an earthquake, people tend to panic. It is almost impossible for a person to remain calm during such times, let alone search for a key and fit it in a lock to get a door open. A push bar is a godsend at times like this, as the door on which it has been installed can be opened quickly and easily.   

How secure are push bars against break-ins?

You might think that just because a push bar allows a door be opened easily from the inside, it can be opened easily from the outside too, right? Actually, it is meant to be a one-way mechanism that is impossible to trigger from the other side. Locksmith Key Shop installs the best quality push bar models in the market. We also perform rigorous tests after they have been installed to make sure they are working properly.

Our service availability:

Locksmith Key Shop’s emergency exit locks offer a great deal of protection against theft and vandalism. We also perform checks, if you need us to, to ensure everything is working properly. Locksmith Key Shop offers 24-hour emergency services to Raleigh, NC. We are available to install push bars or repair them at your convenience. We are mobile locksmiths that carry all the tools we need to perform our jobs onsite in quick time.

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