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Your garage door is the primary entryway to your garage and usually a secondary entryway into your home. Your garage door needs to be secure to keep the possessions in your garage – like your car, tools and other items – safe from vandals and thieves. Garage door locks tend to get worn out over time, because of natural wear and tear or because of accidents. Locksmith Key Shop offers garage door locks and maintenance service to residents of Raleigh, NC. We have a reputation for being a highly reliable local locksmith and we can have the lock on your garage door repaired or replaced in no time.   

Why can you trust Locksmith Key Shop’s garage door installation service?

 Locksmith Key Shop has years of experience in fixing and replacing a variety of locks in the field. Our locksmiths are well-trained and are capable of handling the cutting-edge tools necessary to replace or repair modern locks. We provide a 24-hour locksmithing service you can rely on, with an affordable baseline rate no matter when you require our services.

What’s our typical working process?

Locksmith Key Shop Raleigh, NC 919-830-4226Locksmith Key Shop can send over a locksmithing team to your property, no matter where you are located in Raleigh, NC. We have mobile locksmith units that allow us to offer door to door services in the region. Our locksmiths can go over your garage door locks and determine if it needs to be changed or if it can be fixed. We will give you some suggestions and we agree upon a fixed budget before beginning our work. After the lock has been installed, we double check to see if it is working correctly. Apart from installing garage door locks, we can also fix or replace other locks on your property like mailbox locks, window locks, safe locks, cabinet locks, and regular door locks. 

Garage door installation and maintenance

Apart from installing garage door locks, we can also install garage doors for your, if your old one is about to give out. It’s no use to have a good lock on a door that isn’t sturdy. Garage doors, like locks, get worn out over time. We have a large number of garage doors in our inventory – including aluminum, steel, and wooden ones – for you to choose from. We can also create custom garage doors according to your specifications.

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You can contact us today on 919-830-4226  to have us send our locksmiths over to replace your garage door locks.