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Locksmith Key Shop is a profession locksmith in Raleigh, NC, and we’ve been around for several years now. Our tenant eviction locksmith services have always been very popular – we are thorough professionals, good at our jobs and always respect your privacy while we work.

As a landowner, you may be planning to evict your tenant for a number of reasons – the most popular ones being the tenant is refusing to pay the rent on time or is being heavily destructive with your property. Locksmith Key Shop can let you inside your property without causing any damage to your door with the help of our cutting-edge tools. We can also later rekey your locks or replace them to prevent tenants from coming back.

The right eviction procedure:

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Is your tenant refusing to open the door and you need our help to get it open? First, you need to make sure you have a court order that allows you to get the door open, otherwise it’s illegal to force it open. Also, you need at least a single police officer with you while you attempt to re enter your premises.

Our locksmiths will accompany you and the law enforcement official to your premises and, if the tenant is still refusing to open the door, we can have the door open in quick time. Our eviction locksmith service will come through for you in a crunch.

Enhance your security after an eviction

After the sheriff or officer escorts the tenant off your premises, our locksmiths can upgrade the security on your premises if necessary. Some tenants can be vindictive and come back to damage your property as revenge, so it’s necessary that you make your property as secure as possible to prevent that from happening.

At minimum, you need to get all the locks on your doors rekeyed, so that your old tenants won’t be able to gain access to your property with the keys in their possessions and you can safely rent it to someone new.

Locksmith Key Shop, depending on your situation and the layout of your property, can also ramp up the security on your premises by installing new locks. We can place locks on your windows, doors, garage door and mailbox. We can also replace and repair your door and garage doors, if necessary. We also have new smart locks in our inventory that are very difficult to hack, and we can change the combinations on all your old locks too, if you need us to.

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