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The locksmithing industry is always advancing because of rapidly changing technology. These days, manufacturers have to come up with high-security locks capable of resisting or repelling thieves that are armed with sophisticated tools and machinery. Seeing as we are in the digital age, we’re also witnessing an increase in the number of digital locks in the market. There are locks that are voice-activated, biometric locks, and locks that can be made to work with remotes or your smartphone.

If you’re thinking of getting the locks on your property changed, Locksmith Key Shop can give you access to the best locks available in the market, no matter your budget or the kind of locks you are looking for. Our change locks service is very popular in the Raleigh, NC community. We get countless requests from car owners, business owners and home owners that need their locks changed quickly.   

Experience enhanced security with new locks

Locksmith Key Shop Raleigh, NC 919-830-4226It’s recommended that you get your locks replaced once in a while. Newer model locks on your front door make it much harder for thieves to pick. If that’s not within your budget, you can also opt for lock rekeying. Lock rekeying involved replacing the inner mechanism of the lock instead of replacing the entire lock itself. This allows you to upgrade the security on your doors without spending a ton of money. Locksmith Key Shop’s change locks service can replace or rekey your locks for you at a fair price. Getting a security upgrade also acts a deterrent for thieves – they are much less likely to try to break into your home or business if your property looks fortified.

Our change locks service method:

Step 1: As soon as you call us, our company representative will process your request and then send an appropriate team over to your location to handle it.

Step 2: Our team will then assess your locks. If we think they can be repaired, we suggest repairs instead of a lock change. If not, we recommend new locks.

Step 3: You are then free to take a look at our inventory and choose locks that you like.

Step 4: We will then remove your old lock, without damaging your door, and fit the new one in its place.

Step 5: We carry out some basic tests to make sure the lock is working properly and there are no exploitable chinks in it.

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