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Locksmith Key Shop Raleigh, NC 919-830-4226We don’t pay enough attention to the locks on our doors, even though they’re crucial in keeping us safe from external threats. Checking your locks every once in a while and maintaining them can save you a lot of trouble in the long run, as you can catch locks before they’re about to go out of commission. Locks tend to stop working properly after several years, because of regular wear or tear and sometimes because of rough use.

Regardless of why your lock isn’t working properly, you need to get a professional locksmith to replace it for you. Locksmith Key Shop is a 24/7 locksmith and key service that can help you replace locks or repair them, if you are a resident of Raleigh, NC. We can work on the locks on your home, your business or your car with equal ease.

24/7 service you can rely on

Locks tend to stop working at the worst possible time. Locksmith Key Shop is a 24-hour emergency locksmith that is available for hire during night hours as well as day hours. We will fix your lock, at a reasonable baseline rate, even if it decides to stop working at 3 am.

Quick Response

Locksmith Key Shop has mobile locksmith vans that allow us to reach most location in Raleigh in record time. It doesn’t take us more than 30 minutes, typically, to respond to most requests.

Expertise and training

Repairing locks or resolving lockouts isn’t easy. Locksmith Key Shop handpicks its locksmiths based on industry experience and educational qualifications. Our locksmiths are great at their jobs and are capable of working on a wide range of locks. You can also let them inside your home without fear – they are thorough professional that give you complete privacy while they work. Our 24/7 locksmith & key service can handle most emergencies onsite.

Re-keying / New Key making service

Locksmith Key Shop can resolve commercial lockouts, home lockouts as well as car lockouts. We can also make you new keys on site in a matter of minutes. We use cutting-edge machines to reproduce high-security keys and double check them for defects before handing them to you. Unlike with some other locksmiths, you don’t have to wait for hours for new keys. Apart from making new keys, we can install new high-security locks on your doors and windows. Our expert locksmiths also double as security consultants who can give you security recommendations, if you need them to.

You can contact our emergency 24/7 locksmith and key service on 919-830-4226